Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted anything in a really super dee duper long time.
Quiche- I was not referring to you or Anna-Banana
BUT I am actually so glad you read my blog!!!
It's exciting, because all this time I was convinced I was just writing for nobody... kind of like I was just throwing all these words into the the ocean, hoping the odd fish would like them or something... weird analogy, sorry, ANYWAYS, ok.

So for dinner today I had a bowl of captain crunch, salt and vinegar chips and popcorn.
Aren't I just the biggest health nut you've ever met?
In all seriousness, I feel sick to my stomach.
Remind me to never eat junk food ever again.
I'm going to start living a very impressive healthy lifestyle.
Tommorow, I'll make a spinach and walnut salad, then go jogging and take a multi-vitamin... except I probably won't because
a)I'm too lazy to go jogging, especially in the freezing cold and
b) If there is anything I learned from Big Bang Theory, it's that all you get out of taking a multi-vitamin is very expensive pee.
But what the hell am I talking about this for?
I'm going to go do something else now, BYE!